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Webmarke Systems is a long-standing and leading software house that offers organizational systems that are tailored to each organization according to its unique needs, procedures, and organizational structure. All of our systems are based on an origami platform that allows easy and simple adaptation to every process and structure required.

The goal of any system that we characterize and build is very simple – to improve organizational performance and save time and money. How we do it – simple:

  1. A system that does as much as possible automatically – The experience of any manager can be converted into a decision-making tree so that all considerations are carried out by the system. The more they use the system, the better the decisions will be.


  2. Disclosure of information and options to customers and end-users, if an order is needed – we will allow the customer to enter it into the portal. If a sender certificate needs to be sent – it will be sent alone
  3. Smart Control – In order to deal with what’s important, we need to know that everything is going well everywhere in the organization. All you need to know is that if there is a problem – Origami will update you and act to prevent and correct it. This leaves time to work instead of having endless inspections.


  4. Optimal environment for collaboration – Origami can update each person when they are required to act in any business process. Just check your email or built-in message box. Need to talk to Misha in the context of a task? A click of a button and the video chat is already open. Instant messaging and everything needed within one organizational tool.

Webmark Systems offers a complete solution to the customer by a process of analyzing and understanding customer needs along with a professional team, tailoring the solution to the customer, storage solutions, user training, and ongoing support.


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