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Management system for software houses, IT companies, and digital agencies

Softhouse Pro is a carefully crafted information system to meet the challenges and needs of IT companies, software houses, and digital agencies perfectly. We built the system based on many years of experience in managing diverse and complex projects and after in-depth research on the subject.

The system provides a holistic solution for managing the software house from integrating the client into the system, bidding and work, planning and characterizing the project and schedules, managing the actual execution of the client, and maintaining regular digital assets.

Adjustments can be made to the unique workflows of each software house quickly and efficiently. Our system significantly saves the costs of multi-system, enabling you to concentrate all business operations under one system.

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The System's Advantages

  • The system produces correct working methods, pre-planning and proper prioritization of tasks
  • Managing tasks and receiving tasks directly from the email, from a built-in customer portal and manually entered
  • Saving filing times and managing operations through the smart filing of any action that allows detection when needed
  • Financial efficiency by accurately planning costs and budgets by linking costs to operations
  • Smart reports and financial instruments for billing customers by retainers, working hours and hourly rates
  • Managing foreign contractors/freelancers effectively, as an integral part of the organization and the system
  • The ability to customize and create modules that perfectly meet the unique needs of the software house
  • Efficiency in manpower management which increases the productivity of the software house and saves money and resources
  • An intuitive and responsive interface that enables work from any device and any place

Modules and Features

A task management system that allows for task acceptance, prioritization, sorting, performance tracking by functionaries, customer tracking of its tasks, tracking times, and costs. Establishing goals and metrics and monitoring actual execution, producing reports on demand.

Customer Portal for End Users. The customer enters independently, enters a task or bug, and monitors execution, which enables more efficient and transparent conduct in front of the customers. Time savings and increased customer satisfaction

Various communication solutions with customers - sending text messages and emails automatically, dialing option from the system, video chat, and audio chat. An internal communication system that enables communication, chat, screen sharing and more directly from the system, integration option for WhatsApp for businesses, corporate chats and more

Automate processes such as task routing, prioritizing calls and tasks, automated assignments, dynamic form management, task management, and performance tracking, times and costs

Performance analysis of the various execution departments in the company - project managers, development personnel, and QA. Compared to pre-set parameters: response time, quality of work, employee and project costs, etc.

Database management - activity history by customer, reports, documents, agreements, licenses, integration for telephony systems and pop up screens

Generating general and custom reports, building dashboards, dynamic management by prioritizing drag-and-drop screen distribution tasks, and more.

Interface to external APIs for various external systems HR ERP and CRM


We work with

Among our clients are companies from different and varied industries, which allow us to create a very wide range of solutions for many organizational needs. We strive to act as a technology arm of every organization we work with and to be an integral part of the organization.


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