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HelpDesk management, IT, and service centres

Supporter Pro is an information system that has been carefully designed to meet the day-to-day management needs and challenges of IT departments, service, and support centers.

Supporter allows you to manage every process of an inquiry, from any source – through all the possible process trees until you reach the end of the successful treatment. In addition, Supporter Pro knows how to recall delayed processes, open ongoing tasks, enable customers, and inquiries staffing to representatives, provide statistics, reports, and more.

In addition, Supporter Pro enables the quick and easy establishment of modules and processes that accurately meet the needs of the various service centers, as well as a complete adaptation of the interfaces to the unique working methods of each organization

The System's Advantages

  • Simple monitoring of support and service center efficiency that dramatically improves response times and service quality, SLA level, and ongoing functioning
  • Creating the right methods and work processes, pre-planning and prioritizing service calls
  • Smart filing of service calls that saves filing times can enable easy on-demand detection when needed
  • Aim to raise financials by planning costs and budgets, linking costs to operations and managing proper personnel
  • Manage process trees, escalations, and automatic reminders by email, text messages, emails, and more.
  • Simple connection to the system from anywhere, from any device at any time that allows remote control
  • An intuitive user experience suitable for any level of digital control
  • Interfacing with external systems, linking and monitoring inquiries to external contractors and other external entities
  • The concentration of service calls and easy and fast production of various reports according to customer needs

Modules and Features

Service call management system that enables the receiving of calls, prioritization, sorting, performance monitoring by functionaries, customer monitoring of call handling, updating of execution times, and costs. Setting goals and metrics and monitoring actual performance.

Customer portal for end-users such as tenants, employees, and more. Users log in to the system independently and enter the issue for treatment, Caliber Pro allows them to stay up to date and follow the handling of their request in real-time.

Various communication solutions with customers - sending text messages and emails automatically, dialing option from the system, video chat, and audio chat. An internal communication system that enables communication, chat, screen sharing and more directly from the system, integration option for WhatsApp for businesses, corporate chats and more

Automate processes such as task routing, prioritizing calls and tasks, automated assignments, dynamic form management, task management, and performance tracking, times and costs

Performance analysis of the service and support department in general and representatives in particular, concerning pre-determined parameters: such as response time, quality of execution, and more

Database management - activity history by customer, reports, documents, service agreements, insurance, integration licenses for telephony systems and popup screens, production of general and customized reports, building dashboards, dynamic management by prioritizing delayed tasks screen distribution and more.

IT department management - team management, inventory management, software, service desk, permissions, and classifications

Interface to external APIs and various external systems such as HR, ERP and CRM Interface Receiving inquiries from a variety of information sources - telephone, social media, built-in customer portal, websites and updating external interfaces


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Among our clients are companies from different and varied industries, which allow us to create a very wide range of solutions for many organizational needs. We strive to act as a technology arm of every organization we work with and to be an integral part of the organization.


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